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Bus Trips to Long Island Spirits in Calverton with Tapped Enterprises Incorporated

Journey through time and taste with Tapped Enterprises Incorporated as we escort you to Long Island Spirits in Calverton, NY. As one of the oldest ditilleries on Long Island it stands as a beacon of innovation, celebrating grain-to-glass craftsmanship since 2007.

Discover the Distinctive Flavor of Long Island’s Distillation History: Long Island Spirits, nestled in Calverton, epitomizes the region's dedication to producing locally-sourced, award-winning spirits. Immerse yourself in a legacy that beautifully marries age-old techniques with modern flair.

Our Premium Services Include:

  • Winery Tours to Long Island Spirits: Understand the intricacies of distillation and savor the stories behind spirits like LiV Vodka and Rough Rider Bourbon & Rye.
  • Corporate Transportation: Elevate your corporate outings with a distinctive trip to Calverton’s prized distillery.
  • Bachelorette Party Bus Tours: Celebrate in style, surrounded by the ambiance of tradition and the promise of fine spirits.
  • Birthday Parties: Mark your special day with an unforgettable visit to Long Island Spirits.

Travel in Luxury with Our Diverse Fleet:

  • 14 Passenger Party Bus: Journey to Calverton complemented by mood-setting LED lighting and premium sound.
  • 17 Passenger "Betsy Davis" Party Bus: Elegance meets comfort, ensuring your trip to Long Island Spirits is both luxurious and memorable.
  • 18 Passenger Party Bus: Ideal for groups, this bus combines ambiance and amenities for the perfect excursion.
  • 20 Passenger Party Bus: More than just transportation; it’s an experience, from pick-up to the tasting room.
  • 26 Passenger Executive Shuttle: Indulge in sophistication with high-end amenities, ensuring your trip to Long Island Spirits is unparalleled.
  • 55 Passenger Coach: For grand outings, this coach promises comfort, style, and a touch of opulence.

A Day at Long Island Spirits:

Experience tradition and modernity intertwined. The indoor tasting room beckons with crafted cocktails, while the patio promises relaxation under the open sky. Live music, food trucks, and a dynamic atmosphere ensure every visit is unique.

With Tapped Enterprises Incorporated, your journey to Long Island Spirits isn't just about destination—it’s about the experience, every step of the way.


Long Island Spirits
Long Island Spirits
Long Island Spirits
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