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Bus Trips to Cooperage Inn in Calverton

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Bus Trips to Cooperage Inn in Calverton – Tapped Enterprises

Experience the quaint charm of the Cooperage Inn with Tapped Enterprises, Long Island's leading transportation service. Specializing in bus tours to this beloved American-Continental eatery, we promise not just a meal but a journey that indulges all your senses.


Embark on a winery tour, celebrate a bachelorette party, or mark a birthday at Cooperage Inn. Our tours are tailored to provide a memorable day out, filled with laughter and the simple pleasure of good company.

Innovation for Celebration

Since 2008, our family-owned operation has grown from a simple service transporting friends to beer festivals, to a celebrated name in Long Island's craft beverage scene. We're proud to offer a fleet of unique buses that promise both safety and fun:

  • 14 Passenger Party Bus: Perfect for intimate gatherings, equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and mood-setting LED lighting.
  • 17 Passenger 'Betsy Davis': Spacious and stylish, Betsy offers lush perimeter seating and a vibrant LED ambiance.
  • 18 Passenger Party Bus: Safety meets party with built-in seatbelts and coolers, complemented by a premium Pioneer sound system.
  • 20 Passenger Party Bus: For larger groups, this bus comes with convenient lavatory facilities and ample room to party without cramping your style.
  • 26 Passenger Executive Shuttle: Travel in luxury with reclining leather seats, entertainment options, and adjustable lighting—ideal for corporate outings or sophisticated private tours.
  • 55 Passenger Coach: The ultimate choice for grand groups, offering a comfortable, air-conditioned ride with onboard bathroom facilities.

The Cooperage Inn

Known as the Gateway to the North Fork, Cooperage Inn offers a warm, relaxed dining experience with generous helpings of casual country cooking. With a menu that celebrates local wines and farm-fresh produce, it's a taste of Long Island you'll savor with every bite.

Why Choose Us

Our dedication to exceptional customer service, an expert understanding of the local beverage landscape, and our unique fleet set us apart. With Tapped Enterprises, your journey to Cooperage Inn becomes part of the celebration.

Book Your Adventure

Ready for an unforgettable excursion to Cooperage Inn? Contact Tapped Enterprises today and step aboard for an experience that goes beyond transportation.

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